Managed IP PBX Service Launched by Social Interactions

Social Interactions is happy to today announce our new Managed IP PBX product, a fully managed Voice over Internet Protocol PBX that replaces your existing PBX and reduces your communication costs. The PBX can be purchased on its own or in conjunction with the Social Interactions Managed IT service.

Quality Software, Quality Australian Servers

Our Managed IP PBX runs on the the award-winning 3CX PBX software which is trusted by some of the world’s best known companies. On top of that, the service is hosted right here in Australia on servers provided by Ausnet Servers.

Managed IP PBX - 3CX Logo
Managed IP PBX - 3CX Awards
Managed IP PBX - 3CX Users
Trusted by some of the world’s best known brand names.

All the features businesses are used to plus more.

The Social Interactions Managed IP PBX provides all of the features of existing PBX systems –

  • voicemail
  • call transfer
  • call parking
  • auto-attendant and
  • hunt groups (plus more)

as well as more advanced features like

  • voicemail-to-email and
  • simultaneous extension and mobile number ringing
  • fax-to-email

Free your business phone from the desk

Businesses have the option of replacing their existing non-IP desktop phones or migrating to a software phone on their computers. Apps are available for Android and iOS devices that let staff carry their extensions with them.

Multi-site businesses benefit

For businesses with multiple sites, our Managed IP PBX allows you to set up one PBX per site then bridge them. This enables you to see staff presence and dial extensions between your sites, further reducing your communication costs.

Managed End to End

And while most IP PBX’ provide the software and leave businesses to set everything up themselves, the Social Interactions Managed IP PBX is just that. Managed. We do all the work for you, including –

  • setting everything up initially – extensions, hunt groups, auto-attendants, voicemail, the works.
  • being on-site for an hour to answer questions when the system goes live.
  • providing any handsets already configured and ready to go.
  • making any changes you need. 1 change is included free every month, while businesses that enjoy our Managed IT Helpdesk service can take advantage of unlimited free changes.

For more information, click HERE or call us on 03 9018 9802

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