Reinvent how your office phone works for you.


Imagine working from anywhere you like, but still being connected to the office phone system. Need to call someone? Dial their extension. Need to transfer a call? Dial their extension. From your computer or mobile phone. Without incurring phone charges.

Remote staff? Call them on their extensions. No more per-minute calls to mobile phones.


All the PABX features you’re used to, and MORE!

Call Transfers

Transfer calls between extensions.

Call Parking

Need to take a call on another phone? Park it and pick it up on a different phone.


Voicemail that gets sent to your email.


Interactive Voice Recording. Make your business seem bigger than it is by adding a menu when someone calls.

Ring Extension & Mobile No. Simultaneously

Have calls ring on your extension and on your mobile number at the same time (call charges apply).

Call Recording

Record your calls for coaching / training / compliance and manage them online.

Intercom / Paging

Need to make an announcement? No problem.

Presence visibility

See who’s busy or available at a glance – even between sites if you have multiple stores or offices.

Conference Calling

Easily bring a third party into a call.

Business Hours & Holiday Routing

Direct your calls based on business hour & holiday rules.

Fax to Email

Our PBX will receive faxes and send them to your email address.

DID Routing

Send calls to different numbers to different extensions or ring groups.

Why Social Interactions IP-PBX?

Fully Managed

Other IP PBX providers make you do the work – setup, management, maintenance etc. You don’t have time for that, so we do it all.

Backed by Quality Software and Australian Servers

We use 3CX PBX to power our IP PBXs and servers that are hosted in Australia, by an Australian provider.

1 Client, 1 Server

Some IP PBX providers “multi-tenant” their servers. They basically put a number of clients on one server. Not us. Your PBX is on your own server.

┬╣ A simultaneous call is any line connected between 2 parties. A call is

  • An internal call between 2 extensions,
  • An external call to you
  • A call
    • from you to an external number
    • being transferred is 2 simultaneous calls until the transfer is complete
    • between 2 bridged PBXs is 1 call on each
    • in a queue,
    • in your IVR

┬▓Installation of physical phones charged at normal on-site hourly rate.

Minimum 2 year contract.