Stress Free Managed IT

Managed IT that works for you.

Managed IT plans that include everything you need, whether you have 1 PC (or Mac) or 1000.

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  • Hardware Monitoring
  • OS Updates &
  • Managed Anti-virus
    Offsite Backup & Monitoring
    Email / Phone / Remote Login Desktop Support During Business Hours
    Email / Cloud Service Management & Maintenance Tasks
    Social Interactions IP PBX Remote Changes
    On-Site Support*
  • GOLD SLA Level INCLUDED (Click to see more about our SLAs)

* = 1/2hr per month for every 5 computers, minimum 5 computers. Excludes call out fee for on-site support.

Call us on 0390189802 for a tailored quote

Why Managed IT over Break / Fix?

Managed Services

  • Service Level Agreement
    With a managed services plan, at minimum you are guaranteed a first response within 8 hours, and if necessary an on-site visit next business day.

  • Hardware Monitoring
    We monitor your hardware for things like CPU and Memory usage, temperatures, hard disk usage, update & patch status, anti-virus status, hard disk health. This let’s us take action to head off any potential downtime-causing problems, and minimises time we have to spend on-site diagnosing problems.
  • OS Patches & Updates
    Keeping your computer up to date and patched is the first step in keeping it secure. We make sure your computers (and some major software) are up to date, and your computers restarted for when you get into the office in the morning.

  • Managed Anti Virus
    We provide centralised anti-virus management, and if something goes wrong, we get notified and we clean it up (extra time charges may apply). You don’t need to worry about what to do.
  • UNLIMITED Cloud Backup
    We back your files up to a secure, encrypted, cloud backup provider. There is no size limit to the backup, and we keep 30 days worth of file versioning, meaning if you need to go back an get a file you’ve deleted, or changed and need to roll back, you can. And we’ll do it for you.

Break Fix

  • No Service Level Agreement
    Without a Service Level Agreement to guarantee a first response time or on-site visit, your request is answered on first come first served basis, after SLA clients have been responded to.
  • No Hardware Monitoring
    We have no way of diagnosing what’s wrong with your hardware without attending on-site, and if a problem is fatal, often no way of diagnosing at all. You’ll have the cost of lost productivity on that machine, as well as the cost of an on-site visit.

  • Manual Patches and Updates
    It’s up to you to keep your hardware up to date. Most IT service providers will want your computers up-to-date before they’ll work on them, so you’ll pay for the time it takes to update (we’ve seen computers that took 5+ hours to update – time the client had to pay for). Whenever updates are ready to install, you’ll go though the “Restart your computer to install” process – downtime you don’t have to endure.
  • No Managed Anti Virus
    Should the worst occur, you risk losing everything – business documents, files, quotes, proposals, photos – everything.
  • No Cloud Backup
    Some business think that Google Drive, or Dropbox or the like are Backup services. This isn’t the case. These are great for synchronising files between devices, but only a true backup service will protect those files from possibly being infected with viruses, and enable you to roll back to a previous version. Only a true backup service stores your files in an encrypted, secure manner.