Our SLAs

Every Support ticket is triaged and assigned a priority that determines the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that applies to it.
CriticalYour Main Server is offline and all users are unable to work.1 Hour15 Minutes
One of your Network Switches has failed and stopped half the company from working.
A VPN link between 2 x offices is offline causing one office to be unable to work.
HighYour Internet Connection is offline, users can still work locally2 Hours30 Minutes
Your CEO’s computer has stopped working
Your main Accounting Software has stopped working
MediumA user’s desktop won’t turn on so they can’t work4 Hours1 Hour
One of the main printers is not working, but users can print to another one
A user is having problems connecting to the Wireless network
LowPrinting is slower than normal 8 Hours2 Hours
A single user is unable to scan
A user needs a program installed on their PC
No PriorityPro-Active maintenance of systemsN/AN/A
If you need a ticket bumped to "Critical" priority, we can do this for a one-off fee. Check our pricing page.


There are some circumstances where our SLAs do not apply.

Additions, moves or changes to users, devices, configurations, or network

Issues lodged in any other manner than specified in our Agreement and our General Terms and Conditions

Issues lodged outside Our Business Hours

Items caused by Hardware or Software not meeting our Minimum Standards

Service Requests related to Software not on our Approved Software List

Service Requests for issues that have been caused by You not acting on advice or recommendations given by Us

Service Requests for Issues caused by You or third parties modifying any Hardware or Software Configuration

Service Requests for issues related to user-initiated Virus and Malware Infections

Service Requests for Issues involving the sourcing of hardware/software

Service Requests for Hardware and Software issues of items that are not under current warranty or maintenance coverage

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