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Social Interactions – IT Services Dandenong

Social Interactions is an IT service provider that offers IT services Dandenong and in the surrounding south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our team of staff is fully trained, highly experienced and experts in their field, so when you choose to work with Social Interactions, you can be sure that every fact of your business IT operations will be taken care of.

The Social Interactions team is not simply your Dandenong IT service, we take care of everything, so we’re your CIO and your whole IT team too. We always aim to work in close cooperation with our clients, so we can best understand the individual IT needs of each business. Through doing this, we are able to streamline and simplify your company’s requirements into one accessible and convenient Dandenong IT service and computer support offering.

Social Interactions – IT Services Dandenong: Working with the best

Social Interactions provides an exceptional IT service Dandenong and for businesses in the surrounding area. We are confident that our professional team will not only meet, but far exceed your expectations, with our reliable service. We are proud to have formed strong working relationships with the most highly regarded companies in the IT industry, such as Microsoft, Cisco, 3CX, MyNetPhone, MSP360 and many others. This benefits our clients immensely, as they are able to avail themselves of an efficient, comprehensive service.    

Social Interactions – IT Services Dandenong: Security for your business

One of the most important IT services Dandenong and other local businesses ask about when enquiring with Social Interactions is IT security. You can rest assured that we are committed to providing complete protection for your business. Our staff understand that safety and security is paramount. Our clients find great assurance in knowing that our experienced team are experts in the implementation of multi-layered protection, which includes SPAM and DNS filters, advanced Cisco or Meraki firewall operation, the latest and most effective anti-virus software, around-the-clock threat monitoring, and back-up of on-premises servers with planned recovery testing. You can be sure that your data is safe when you engage with Social Interactions.

Social Interactions – IT Services Dandenong: Keeping everyone connected

Especially in recent times, one of the most common service requests that we receive for Dandenong IT services and surrounds is connectivity. That is, keeping all your team members connected securely and reliably, especially when they are working off-site or remotely. The Social Interactions team are well-versed in keeping people connected. Our skilled professionals will ensure that your staff maintain connectivity no matter where they’re working from, from any device. We understand that most businesses nowadays have staff connecting from a variety of different devices, including laptops, desktop computers, and tablets; being either Mac, PC, Windows, iOS or Android. Social Interactions will get your staff connected securely, utilizing Azure Cloud technologies, secure VPN access from Cisco, and either remote virtual desktops or direct remote access.  

Social Interactions – IT Services Dandenong

If you are a business requiring IT services Dandenong and in the surrounding south-eastern Melbourne region, get in touch with out friendly team at Social Interactions today and discover how partnering with us can benefit your business.