Inbound Landline

Ever wish you could have a landline number that rings directly to your mobile phone, without the diversion costs?

Or that your 1300 number would ring directly to your mobile without paying $$$ for the termination fees?

We’re about to grant that wish.

For $12 per month, we’ll give you a landline number that, by installing an app on your phone, will ring directly to your mobile. No diversion fees.

Terminate your 1300 number to it and slash your termination fees.

You’ll even get voicemail, with messages sent to your email address.

And when you’re ready to expand your business, rest assured we can grow with you.

We’re gearing up to launch with metro 03 (Melbourne) numbers real soon, so if you’re interested please send us your details below and we’ll be in touch when we’re ready to go.