Give your co-working tenants the IT Support they deserve.

Provide your tenants with the best in IT Support, and earn revenue at the same time.

Co-working tenants need IT Support just like any other business.

Whether it’s a casual hot-desker, or a permanent tenant with 10 employees, if you’re not offering them IT support through Social Interactions, you’re simply not offering them the best experience possible, and you’re missing out on revenue to boot.

At Social Interactions, we can tailor an over-the-phone and remote desktop support offering to suit your requirements and those of your tenants.

And for that extra touch for your tenants, we can provide on-site support at a daily rate. Your very own, on-site, IT Support Desk.

Your tenants will love you even more than they do now!

How it Works

  • We provide you with an agreed minimum number of hours of support per month (we can start at as little as one hour);
  • You’ll ALWAYS pay less than our retail rate. This lets you either
    • simply pass our charges on to your tenant, in which case your tenants will pay less than our retail rate;
    • charge your tenants our retail rate (or more) in order to make revenue yourself; or
    • include support time as part of your tenant plans.
  • You provide your tenants with our number, and they call us for any IT support needs.
  • We bill you at our agreed rate for the agreed number of hours, and you bill your tenant at your rate. Minimum committed hours are billed in advance and aren’t carried forward, while any time beyond agreed hours is billed in arrears.

But we’re a co-working space, why should we provide IT support?

Your tenants are entrepreneurs, but not every entrepreneur is a tech guru. Some people need a helping hand to set things up, or install a new app, or even just for some guidance and suggestions.

They don’t have to spend time finding their own support person, because you’re providing them with one. That makes them more productive.

More productive tenants are tenants that are likely to grow, and growing tenants means potentially more leased space for you.

There’s also that matter of you setting the price, and potentially making extra revenue.

Get in touch

This really is one of those occasions where you have nothing to lose.

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